How to Place Information on Unipack.Ru?


To advertise with Unipack.Ru please do not hesitate to address at [email protected] phone: +7(495) 232-0951, +7 (495)232-0941.


If you access and use Unipack.Ru, you accept and agree to be bound by and comply with these terms (the "Terms"). If you do not accept the Terms, do not use the Site.

  1. Packaging Industry System "Unipack.Ru" is administered by "Unipack.Ru" Ltd.
  2. Free registration is required to access many of the functions on "Unipack.Ru" . As part of the registration process you are asked for limited personal and demographic information and are required to choose a password that will be used, together with your login to gain access on subsequent visits. After you have registered you become User of UnipackRu.
  3. The User should:
    • provide Unipack.Ru with certain registration information, all of which must be accurate, correct, and updated
    • not act against Russian and international laws
    • provide Unipack.Ru with information which corresponds to packaging industry and beyond.
    • follow Rules for placing message(s) on the Trade Marketplace (please, see details at Trade Marketplace)
  4. It is important to note that Unipack.Ru will never share your registration data with any third parties.
  5. However, Unipack.Ru will not be liable to Users or any third parties for the correctness, validity, accuracy, or reliability of any published on Unipack.Ru or any sites linked to the site materials and their further use by third parties. The User agrees not to lay a claim to Unipack.Ru by any disputes which may appear between User and Clients or other Users.
  6. Unipack.Ru reserves the right to reject rendering services to any User who has broken these Rules not once.
  7. All rights to information as well as selection of materials and their placement belong to Unipack.Ru. All rights reserved. You may not copy any part of Unipack.Ru materials without written permission of "Unipack.Ru" Ltd . When using Unipack.Ru materials the link to is obligatory.
  8. By registering the User agrees with the practices explained in these Terms. If you do not agree, do not complete the registration form, or ask that your registration be cancelled.
    • NOTE: Without registration, you cannot access the most part of services at (see below).
  9. After you have completed the registration form, you become User of UnipackRu.
    You get login and password to enter the system where you may :
    • place and edit info about your company and its product types in the Catalogue (Companies & Products)
    • place and edit your price-list (chargeable service)
    • place your news, press-releases, articles (chargeable service)
    • subscribe/unsubscribe on our news
    All this you can do in your Profile.

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  1. You may place information about any company which offers products & services corresponding Unipack.Ru branch trend (Packaging Industry and beyond) in the Companies & Products (Catalogue).
  2. The information amount in the Catalogue is defined by the payment condition which the User has chosen.
    (See more about payment conditions here)
  3. The company which has placed incorrect information can be deleted from the Catalogue without any warning.
  4. To place information about your company you should fill in the form in your profile.
  5. If you do not bind your company to product types, it will not be published in the Catalogue.



  1. When using Unipack.Ru materials the link to is obligatory. The original source should be mentioned.
  2. The User may place his/ her news, articles, press-releases after the editor has confirmed it.



  • To place information about your exhibitions, conferences and seminars, please address at [email protected].



  1. You can look for any information on Unipack.Ru with the help of the Universal Search Engine.
  2. For this you may print a key word in a Search line, which is placed on almost every page.
  3. For the more detailed search, please, use Advanced Search.
  4. If you print 2 or more words, the Search Engine will find only those links where all these words are contained.
  5. If there is no result for your search term, we advise you to:
    • Check your spelling.
    • Try different words that mean the same thing.
    • Broaden your search by using fewer words, or more general terms
    • Try searching for this query in Advanced Search


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